Your dream is unique

Would you like to design your own car without limiting your dreams and desires? Imagine having the opportunity to build something truly unique, individual and exceptional. To create something…that no one else has ever created. A car that is quite literally one of a kind. And it’s not just about color, pretty interior or non-standard engine. We are talking about something extremely rare and nearly impossible. Isn’t that the whole point of it? To get something that is impossible to get? To create something that did not exist before? A car of your own design…that’s the buzz.

Main services

VERSUREN Company is engaged in full repair, facelift and restoration of luxury cars. We work with any kind of frame or body damage and use only original or manufacturer’s recommended spare parts. We work with cars of any type and body. By checking every little detail step by step, we get closer to the ideal appearance of your car. We offer a wide range of restoration work and other options at your disposal. From cosmetic car repairs to full and large-scale restyling (facelift).

Leather interior

We specialize in upholstering and restoration of all leather interiors of luxury cars. We also engage in manufacturing of interiors for private planes, yachts and boats. Our portfolio already includes dozens of completed projects in tailoring and reupholstering of interiors of different car brands. Regardless of the complexity, our skilled designers and mechanics are ready to grant any of your wishes by providing excellent customer service.


- automotive design
- complete vehicle disassembly
- vehicle body cleaning
- restoration and tuning
- paint jobs
- engine repair and replacement
- welding works


- leather interior
- large selection of materials
- woodworking
- restyling (facelift) option
- additional modifications
- car frame and chassis alteration
- audio / video systems


- elimination of car accident traces and dents
- cracks, scratches and chips removal
- technical repair
- chromium restoration
- engine and gearbox repair
- car interior upholstering
- car parts replacement

Mercedes-Benz G63 "Hunter" Edition

Car restyling

Our company has completely re-equipped and re-designed this car from the standard Mercedes-Benz G-Class. During the restyling (facelift), we conducted a large-scale and labor-intensive work on the vehicle’s frame and body. The interior of the car also has been radically modified and changed. Many new tuning elements have been added, including portal axles, an electric side step and a winch. There is only one copy of this car in the world, which makes it truly unique and one of a kind.


Other projects




More than 20 years of work experience with cars of different types and classes.


We approach each new project with care and love. Our company has many years of experience in the field of car restoration and tuning. Regardless of the complexity, our designers and mechanics are ready to grant any of your wishes with impeccable accuracy and professionalism.


We work only with high-quality and original materials and spare parts. We offer a large selection of automotive and aviation leather available in stock. In addition, we use modern types of eco-leather of various structures and shades, as well as other finishing materials.